Work With Me

There are lots of ways we can work together and I have shared a few below. If you have an idea you want to share or what to know more feel free to contact me here.

  • Product Reviews/Giveaways:
    I love to try out new products. It doesn’t matter if it is related to food/gardening/homesteading or if it is just something neat, such as a new subscription box service. If you are looking for a review of your product that will be promoted multiple times to my 2500+ followers across various social media outlets (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest), please contact me.
  • Food Writing/Sponsored posts:
    I love writing, especially about food. I love to develop recipes using a combination of store bought ingredients and produce picked fresh from my backyard. I try to each as locally as possible.
  • Food Tourism/Conferences:
    I love to travel. One of my favorite things about traveling is the opportunity to enrich myself in the culture of a community through food (and the local farmer’s market!) and history. If you are interested in having me come to your town and write about the scene just say the word! Examples of my travel posts can be found here and here.

I am open to other opportunities and ideas. Contact me and let’s get to work!

Affiliate Product Links

Please note that some posts contain affiliate links, which means that I’ll receive a commission if you purchase from this link. This provides an additional income to help to keep this blog going (and growing). Thank you so much for understanding and supporting this blog!