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Northeastern NC Craft Workshop 2017

Another Northeastern NC Craft Workshop has come and gone! I love attending this yearly workshop. Since this is my 4th year attending, I’ve come to expect certain individuals to appear there each year. One of those individuals did not attend yesterday but I’m hoping that everything is alright with her and she just decided to attend today.

My chosen course this year was Embroidery taught by a lovely woman by the name of Glenda (her husband teaches the decoy carving class) from Virginia Beach. She was full of knowledge and was a great instructor.


She had already traced our patterns and chosen the colors for our “masterpieces” which left us with the hard job of piecing it all together. We learned several stitches – Lazy Daisy (my least favorite), the French Knot (which I didn’t like at first but came to love), the Back Stitch, the Satin Stitch, and there may have been another one.


Our prepaid lunch was provided by the delicious Golden Skillet over in Plymouth, with choices of salad, chicken and pastry, and fried chicken. We were also able to purchase cookies – which I definitely took advantage of.


So this is the outcome of my 6 or so hours of work. Upon wetting it, the blue pattern should fade. You can certainly see where I struggled (the flowers) and how I improved on the french knot as I went. It’s funny – my shoulder was getting sore by the end of the day!

I’m undecided what I will do with this – I’m thinking of bringing out my granny’s vintage sewing machine and maybe filling it with lavender and turning it into a sachet of sorts. I discovered that I enjoy embroidery and am already daydreaming of my next project.

It’s great getting to try out skills that I might not normally get to try. I’m crossing my fingers that maybe next year I will be able to take two days off from work to try out one of the two day courses!


*Northeastern NC Craft Workshop

Back in 2013, I was looking for something to do during two days off from work. House-sitting while my mom was out of town, I had taken the time off to enjoy a hot summer day and planned to relax and grill out. I ended up stumbling across the Northeastern NC Craft Workshop.

The NENC Craft Workshop is a two-day  event that offers a variety of classes such as stained glass, decoy carving, embroidery and more. Registration is first come, first served meaning some classes tend to fill out rather quickly.

After my first year of attending, I fell in love with the event and have always been eagerly anticipating the next one. Though my schedule doesn’t always allow me the time off to attend (such as when I started a new job or when someone else was already scheduled to be off of work), I have tried my best to attend.

Here are some of my creations!

2013 – This was my first year attending and I decided to sign up for the bonsai class.

Unfortunately I forgot to take an after picture. My green thumb was still in the works during this time and my bonsai died not too long after. :-/

2014Garlic Basket! I enjoy basket weaving even if my patterns didn’t always come out right.

Garlic basket all done!

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2016 – My sea grass stool. This was a class I had been trying to get in for a couple of years so I was pretty excited to be able to attend.

@ NENC Craft Workshop. Seagrass stool before picture. 🙂

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What is really neat about my sea grass stool is that we have a nearly identical one my grandmother made during a different event years ago.

Though it’s easier for me to take the one-day events, I do want to eventually try Decoy Carving/Painting and Fishing Fly Tying! I love that these classes introduces me to skills that I may not normally have been able to try out. What’s also pretty neat is seeing some of the same people return year after year.

Registration is open now, by the way. There is a little fee attached to each class, but if you click the link below, it’ll clue you in as to how much.

For more information, please visit


Just a good weekend…

My, my, what a busy weekend. I went over to my friend’s house on Saturday with intentions of us preparing a feast of wild game this weekend. Well, we ate lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and ended up being too stuffed to eat dinner. We watched Maleficent and The Equalizer. Before we started The Equalizer, I was feeling a little peckish so I decided to fix us a handful of jalapeno poppers. I used the packet of Ghost Crab spice that I received in this month’s Charleston Epicurean box (mixed with cream cheese), stuffing it into some jalapenos from my garden that I had frozen over the summer. I wrapped them with bacon and then baked them in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Those suckers were SPICY! And absolutely delicious. I must get another packet of that spice to have one hand. It makes the perfect poppers if you like that kick. I might mix it next time with 16 oz. of cream cheese instead of 12 oz. because I know that not everyone is a spice fiend like me.

My friend and I made our way up to Trader Joe’s in Newport News on Sunday (forgetting, until my mom reminded me, that there was not only a Trader Joe’s in Virginia Beach, but a Whole Foods right there as well that would have been much closer). This was a completely impromptu trip and I’m glad that I keep a freezer bad in my trunk. I neglected to take a picture as I got home a little late that night but I purchased a small Chrysanthemum (for mom), a log of blueberry goat cheese, mini peanut butter cups, some dried Smyrna figs, a half gallon of organic whole milk, a package of chocolate lava cake, and I think that’s all I got. My friend got a couple of jars of the Island Soyaki (for marinating duck), a wedge of gorgonzola cheese, a jar of Dijon mustard, a jar of hot and sweet mustard, and I believe that’s all he got. It was his first trip to a Trader Joe’s and I think he enjoyed it.

We also made a stop to Abuelo’s for the first time. We will definitely stop here again. Our server brought us out a trio of salsas with our chips – a salsa verde with a hint of pineapple (our favorite), a regular salsa that tasted like it had a hint of chipotle, a hot salsa. My friend order the Grande Burrito lunch special (and it was GRANDE!) and I ordered the chicken and the cheese enchiladas with the Papas con Chile. My food was absolutely delicious and I fell in love with the papas. The papas were a combination of whipped red potatoes, four cheeses, red and green peppers, sour cream and a touch of garlic and jalapeño.

I spent this morning doing chores – vacuuming the house, vacuuming the car, cleaning my room. I added some garlic cloves to a piece of jar of honey to let infuse for use later on. You can use it for colds, but what I’m planning is to use the garlic in mashed potatoes and the honey in BBQ sauce.

A crummy cell phone picture of the lemon and blueberry pound cake my mom made today. She used blueberry frozen from our plants last year.
A crummy cell phone picture of the lemon and blueberry pound cake my mom made today. She used blueberry frozen from our plants last year.

Mom and I walked around the yard for a bit this afternoon and then she decided that she wanted to teach me how to make a grapevine wreath using the excess that she had trimmed off the vines. I’m in love with my little creation and we both gained a lot of enthusiasm for the craft thanks to Pinterest. We dragged the rest of the vines on the back porch so we can create some more crafts (I am planning on more wreaths and then I’ll work my way up to pumpkins while mom is set on making some of those balls with the lights in them).

A blurry cell phone picture of my wreath in progress.
A blurry cell phone picture of my wreath in progress.

All in all, a good weekend and now I’m working on what I want to order from the next farmer’s market co-op that will be taking place next weekend.

The finished product (another blurry cell phone picture - my regular camera is on the frtiz).
The finished product (another blurry cell phone picture – my regular camera is on the frtiz).

Did you know that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once made a visit to my tiny North Carolina town? He held a rally at the local armory in May of 1966.