Goodbye Iggy Jr.!

Iggy Jr. is gone.

Iggy Jr. is the Barred Rock in the background. Goldie is a Buff Brahma (foreground).

Thankfully not in the way of his predecessors but instead Iggy Jr. is going to live every man’s dream – head honcho of 8 lucky ladies. 2017 is known as the “Year of the Rooster” and for our Iggy Jr., this year was truly a lucky year.

When we first got Iggy Jr., we initially thought that he was a “she”. I started to have my doubts however and it was only in the past few weeks that my doubts were confirmed. It was only a matter of time before Iggy Jr. met his destiny with the crock pot. Good roosters are hard to find and it seemed like such a waste to eat Iggy Jr.. He was handsome, good to his women, and would eat right out of my hand. I found someone online looking for a rooster as he had lost his the week before so I mentioned Iggy Jr.. Thankfully the person seemed interested.

I met a couple up at a local feed shop and delivered Iggy Jr. to them. As soon as they left, I went into the store and purchased a new hen.


This is RB.

RB is short for Rainbow Bright (pronounced like Arby). I don’t know why we named her that. It just popped into my boyfriend’s head on our way home and stuck. RB is a Golden Comet, less than a year. Not a breed that I normally would go with but she’s sweet. She’s missing her tail feathers because her mates at the feed store bullied her. She was bullied badly here until the past few days when the temperature dropped as we had a Winter storm pass through. I left them in the coop for almost two and a half days and they seem to get along better now.

Wellie (background) is a Welsummer and The Dark One (foreground) is a Barnvelder.
Everyone coexisting.

We are still getting used to our new flock and are looking forward to the weather warming up so that we can start getting eggs again!

Chicken foot prints in the snow.



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